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Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Service for use on:

Block Paving, Tarmac, Patios, Concrete, Garden Walls, Slabs, Decking, Astro Turf, Tennis Courts, Forecourts and more.

We have now introduced a new cleaning service using a high pressure washer disk with vacuum which makes it ideal for removing debris such as moss, weeds, dirty infill sand and excess water.

In our service we offer:

Block Paving: Power Clean, Oil Stain Removal, Re-Sanding, Tecseal (A high quality acrylic sealer for enhansing and protecting block paving. Resin content of 24% one of the highest on the market, to waterproof and protect, sets into jointing sand to help prevent weed and moss growth).

Tarmac Drives: Power Clean, Tarmac Repair, Oil Stain Removal, Tarcoat (Abituman based sealant to bring back the natural colour of tarmac drives (black only)).
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